matt hanover

Matt Hanover spent most of his career as business development executive in media, entertainment and technology with positions at Turner, DIRECTV, Qualcomm, Yahoo and Amazon.

These jobs involved the high pressure of negotiating complicated agreements for millions of dollars. After work Matt would grab a brush and canvas and paint something yellow as a way to relax.  No one would consider this making art, but it could be called painting!

It wasn't until the summer of 2012 that Matt had what felt like a heart attack while out for a walk.  A night in the ER and it was time to rethink his plans and priorities.  He enrolled in a graduate program in spiritual psychology and spent one week each month for three years looking at the fundamental questions: Who Am I, What is My Purpose, and What is My Contribution in the World.

It was during this time that Matt decided and committed to making plans and moving in the direction of Being a Professional Artist.  Matt's work represents an optimistic, colorful and heart-centered view of the world.  He works to capture a sense of play, wonder and connection in his paintings and in his new approach to life.

With cool Zombie Boy - Cy

Photo courtesy of Chantalynn